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5 Simple Décor Changes to Increase Your Property Value

It’s often when trying to sell a house that it suddenly seems to need the most work, leading many home owners to believe that costly renovations are required in order to bump up their property value. At TLC Decorators, we provide first-rate painting and decorating services, so we know exactly what it takes to get your property picture-perfect—and it’s often the little things that make a huge difference. With that in mind, we've put together a list of five simple décor changes that can make a major impact on potential buyers and increase your property’s asking price without expensive refurbishments.

1. Add a little luxury

A simple way to add a luxuriant feel to any room is by applying stylish wallpaper. Using bead-board or decorative wallpaper in bedrooms and bathrooms is especially effective at creating a chic updated look—but remember to have wallpaper applied professionally as misaligned borders or bubbles under the paper will achieve the exact opposite of the desired high-end effect.

2. Create optical illusions

Strategically placed mirrors instantly create the illusion of more space, making your property seem larger and therefore more valuable. Mirrors angled towards windows reflect more light, so that rooms feelbrighter and more spacious, while they can also make hallways and corridors seem less cramped. Creatively designed mirrors can even make stylish statement pieces to enhance your décor.

3. Embrace the power of paint

Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, a fresh coat of paint instantly makes any space appear updated and clean, increasing its surface value. Not only will repainting with neutral modern tonesappeal to the broadest spectrum of buyers, but lighter neutrals can make a room seem larger and more open—a feature that many home-hunters look for today. To get the most out of repainting, hire a professional who will ensure that the paint is applied neatly and evenly to give that smooth clean finish.

4. Dress windows down

With many of today’s would-be buyers seeking open-concept floor plans, there is a strong demand for properties with rooms that are open and airy. Even if you can’t afford to renovate your home and knock down a few walls, swapping heavy, dark or elaborate curtains and drapes for blinds, shutters or sheer curtains can make all the difference to the appearance of a room, easily creating that open-concept feel.

5. See things in a different light

Changing the light fixtures in bathrooms is a sure-fire way to make a property seem updated and more high-end. It’s relatively affordable to buy new light fixtures and have a professional install them properly, so you’ll be able to refresh your bathroom’s décor at a low cost, showing buyers that your home is well maintained throughout, and not just in areas like the dining or living rooms.

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